The difference between a proactive and reactive
attitude is clear. I am proactive.

A tranquil mind accelerates the process of well-being. Gratitude gives birth to tranquility. I will always be grateful.

I am successfully balancing my work and family life.

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper- this is the rule of healthy eating. Following this rule is keeping me healthy.

I am learning useful lessons from everyone, even my enemies.

Hatred is an expression of the weak man's ego. I am free from hatred.

I am fulfilling my responsibility towards my parents with love, respect and devotion. I am letting go of all anger and resentment towards them.

My heart feels deeply, my brain grasps all intricacies, my will is indomitable. I will be the winner.

Opportunities are everywhere. With sincere efforts I will transform every opportunity into an achievement.

I am free to plan my schedule any way I want to. But I am not free to break it once it is fixed. I will always follow my schedule.

I am never a part of the problem. I am always a part of the solution.

I will rise above gender discrimination. I will judge everyone by their merit.

Friendship is the name of giving, not taking. This is
the definition of friendship I will follow for myself and others.

I will be grateful to my organization. According to natural law even if I am not evaluated fairly here I will be rewarded elsewhere.

The spiritual bond of togetherness gives unbounded peace
and fulfillment. I will be a part of sangha (association of
good people). It will be my source of inspiration.

Seasonal fruits help prevent seasonal diseases. I will eat seasonal fruits regularly.

The deeper the river the more silent the flow. I will do my work silently.

Pride is the cause of downfall. I will be humble in words and deeds.

I will concentrate on my strengths and abilities. I will make a list everything I can do. The more I develop my strengths the more I will overcome my weaknesses.

My brain is a unique biological super computer. It will be my most trusted aid in my quest for success.

Today I will feel exhilarated by the lessons I learn from nature.

Every moment of this day is full of possibilities. I will use every moment wisely.

I am proactive. I will exercise my power to act and enjoy the joy of action.

I am always optimistic about the prospect of employment. If necessary, I will change my job search process and come up with a different plan.

The primary cause of failure is the vicious cycle of bad habits.
I am breaking this vicious cycle and developing
Quantum habits. Success will be mine.

I will practice relaxation in between my work if I can. All my tiredness will dissolve in mindfulness. I will go back to my work refreshed and energized.

I will always make sure my child is not subject to drugs or depravity in the name of entertainment or friendship.

Talent blossoms through joyful work. I will always work joyfully.

I will listen to all points of view and consider both sides of the argument. This is the way of the exceptional.

Keeping bad company always causes downfall. I will keep away from bad company.

Planting trees is an act of charity with an eternal effect. Whenever I get the chance I will plant trees.

I will never miss an opportunity to help someone become self reliant.

Prosperity is my birthright. I will be prosperous.

Regular donation to charity drives away all fear. I will donate regularly.

I will evaluate my work regularly. As a consequence my work will become flawless.

I will use public toilets as quickly as possible so that others have a chance to use them as well.

I will identify my mistakes, correct them and learn from them.
This is the way of the enlightened.

Happiness is my birthright. The right attitude is helping me establish my right.

Pure intentions, prompt initiative, sincere effort and group awareness bring God's blessings to life. God's bounty will shower upon me.

I am a good learner. I am ready to learn. I will learn easily.

When there is a misunderstanding with a member of my family I will talk to him or her directly. As a result the situation will be resolved quickly.

I know that small everyday successes will one day add up to great success. To achieve my ultimate goal I will give importance to small steps.

My mission is more important than momentary pleasures. I will keep my impulses under control and stay true to my goal.

Unnecessary phone conversations waste time and money. I will use the phone only when necessary. I will keep my phone off when I sleep at night.

I won't even open, let alone read other people's letters, diaries or SMSs without permission.

The higher the rise, the bigger the fall. The more successful
I become, the more careful I will be about mistakes.

I am warm and friendly towards everyone. My words are positive and encouraging. I will win every heart with humility and good behavior.

My work will be such that in the face of death
I can say, 'Lord, I am ready'.

One's attire is a reflection of one's taste and personality. I will always dress decently and appropriately.

Steady, determined and purposeful action is the process of my prayer. And it will always be answered.

Energy Drink, Brings the Brink

Do you wish to be a wizard? How about having wings to fly high? Would you like to have strength like a tiger? Why not to bring out the beast in you like a shark?
These are the fascinations we run for these days. Thanks to the creative departments of the advertising agencies. It feels like, a sip of energy drink has all the power to transform you to what you want to be. Is that so?

The irony is ‘Energy Drink’ has become a serious threat to the world. More importantly, developed countries have started to feel the negative effect of so called ‘Power Drink.’ Recently France did ban ‘Red Bull’ because of an unprecedented event that took place in a basketball ground. An 18 year kid drank 4 cans of ‘Red Bull’ just after the match. Unfortunately, he died instantly after having those cans. Investigations showed, it was a ‘sudden adult dead syndrome’ and the reason was a deadly mixture of caffeine and high blood pressure. You might ask, what is on earth is there in these type of drink?

We should be alarmed to know that a can of power drink consists of 360 milligram caffeine whereas 400 and 300 milligram of caffeine is enough for a grownup men and women respectively. We should know the all important caffeine used in energy drink is not only for making it tasty but also to make the drinker addicted. As a result it becomes a normal tendency to wish more and more for an energy drink. Research suggests that pregnant women suffer severely from premature delivery and might even lose the gift of giving birth.

A cup of brewed coffee has between 80 and 135 milligrams of caffeine. Some energy drinks contain two or three times that amount plus the equivalent of 5 teaspoons of sugar. What actually happens regarding the perception about energy drinks? They claim to enhance performance, concentration and stimulate metabolism at the same time. These highly caffeinated, sugar laden beverages are readily available, legal and absolutely addictive to ensure the propaganda. If you want to be the carrier of sleep disturbances, obesity, tooth decay, dehydration, hypertension and anxiety, energy drinks are the perfect catalyst for you.

Energy drinks open up the doors for the long term turmoil in your life. Actually, it is the stepping stone to drug addiction. This is one life and we all know that. To lead a beautiful one, we should be aware of what we are drinking.

Now, would you prefer to bring the brink of your life?


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by Tazim.