I will be as attentive to my family as I am to my guests.

Pure intentions, prompt initiative, sincere effort and group awareness bring God's blessings to life. God's bounty will shower upon me.

I will identify my mistakes, correct them and learn from them.
This is the way of the enlightened.

Wisdom is the spontaneous ability to choose the best amongst thousands of choices. My wisdom is increasing day by day.

Our brains didn't make us human, our hearts did. My heart is filled with universal love. This is my uniqueness.

I will live in the present and feel the quality of every moment.
This will give me the tools to move forward.

Today I will take an important step towards achieving my goal.

I start my work. I persevere in it. Victory will be mine.

I will not engage in post-marital activity before marriage.

It is easy to find faults in others but difficult to find one's own. I will do this difficult task.

The power to control my moods is within me. My moods will always be under my control.

If I can conceive, if I can believe, I can also achieve.

Monchhobi (vision) hits its target like a guided missile. My monchhobi will be my driving force.

To know how my body will be tomorrow I will pay attention to my thoughts today.

My work will be such that in the face of death
I can say, 'Lord, I am ready'.

I will listen to all points of view and consider both sides of the argument. This is the way of the exceptional.

I will always have the courage to take the risk associated with an opportunity.

In response to 'How are you?' I will always say, 'Thank God, I am fine.

I always follow the rules and do the right thing at the right time.

The course of history has always been charted by a creative, determined and organized minority. I will be a part of that minority.

I will be the master of my mind so that I can say, 'Yes, it's my mind!'

I will carry out my responsibilities and fulfill my promises with conviction and determination.

The enlightened never impose, they always inspire.
I will also inspire others to share my beliefs and ideals.

I will be totally immersed in each activity. Then each new work will become a new world, a new life, a new horizon of joy.

I know every natural occurrence has a reason. So I can accept good and bad news with equal ease.

I never say anything based on suspicion. I only say something when I am certain of its truth.

I will enlighten myself and others with the knowledge of the enlightened life. My life will be blissful.

I value my relationships. I will devote time each day to nurture spiritual bonds.

I will always be cautious of the person who has nothing to lose.

I was born to be happy. Positive steps will increase my happiness.

Confidence arises from self awareness and arrogance from animal instincts. I will be confident, not arrogant.

Superstition and dogma lead to slavery. True faith brings liberation. I am a true believer. I will enjoy true liberation.

I will follow my routine and as a result, prosper naturally.

Unorganized truth is powerless but organized truth triumphs over falsehood. I will always be a part of organized truth.

I am learning how to work independently without supervision.

Vigorous and honest work elevates life. My activities will be vigorous and honest.

I am developing new habits. New habits will show me the path of liberation, bring new opportunities and make my life more fulfilling. I will attain true freedom.

I know in order to be a celebrity I need to embrace obscurity. I am embracing obscurity. I will be a celebrity.

All real help comes from within. I will seek help within, not without.

It is not our birth but our work that determines our greatness. I too will attain greatness through my work.

Necessity and craving are not the same. Craving is the desire to have more even after the need has been met. I will fulfill my needs but be free of craving.

I will be my child's role model. I will nurture him with love and right attitude.

I am on the right path. Day by day my inner self is becoming more tranquil and enlightened.

True love is the life force of all relationships. Love does not judge, but tries to understand; does not impose, but shares. I will be truly loving.

I will keep my workplace neat and clean.

I will never make unnecessary and indecent jokes just to prove that I have a sense of humor.

I will decide how I spend my time. I will make time for everything I need to.

I am unique and beautiful in my own way. My talent is blossoming in a thousand different dimensions.

I will take steps to acquire practical knowledge in addition to theoretical knowledge.

Knowledge is my strength. Persistence is my armor. Skill is my weapon. Success is mine.

Energy Drink, Brings the Brink

Do you wish to be a wizard? How about having wings to fly high? Would you like to have strength like a tiger? Why not to bring out the beast in you like a shark?
These are the fascinations we run for these days. Thanks to the creative departments of the advertising agencies. It feels like, a sip of energy drink has all the power to transform you to what you want to be. Is that so?

The irony is ‘Energy Drink’ has become a serious threat to the world. More importantly, developed countries have started to feel the negative effect of so called ‘Power Drink.’ Recently France did ban ‘Red Bull’ because of an unprecedented event that took place in a basketball ground. An 18 year kid drank 4 cans of ‘Red Bull’ just after the match. Unfortunately, he died instantly after having those cans. Investigations showed, it was a ‘sudden adult dead syndrome’ and the reason was a deadly mixture of caffeine and high blood pressure. You might ask, what is on earth is there in these type of drink?

We should be alarmed to know that a can of power drink consists of 360 milligram caffeine whereas 400 and 300 milligram of caffeine is enough for a grownup men and women respectively. We should know the all important caffeine used in energy drink is not only for making it tasty but also to make the drinker addicted. As a result it becomes a normal tendency to wish more and more for an energy drink. Research suggests that pregnant women suffer severely from premature delivery and might even lose the gift of giving birth.

A cup of brewed coffee has between 80 and 135 milligrams of caffeine. Some energy drinks contain two or three times that amount plus the equivalent of 5 teaspoons of sugar. What actually happens regarding the perception about energy drinks? They claim to enhance performance, concentration and stimulate metabolism at the same time. These highly caffeinated, sugar laden beverages are readily available, legal and absolutely addictive to ensure the propaganda. If you want to be the carrier of sleep disturbances, obesity, tooth decay, dehydration, hypertension and anxiety, energy drinks are the perfect catalyst for you.

Energy drinks open up the doors for the long term turmoil in your life. Actually, it is the stepping stone to drug addiction. This is one life and we all know that. To lead a beautiful one, we should be aware of what we are drinking.

Now, would you prefer to bring the brink of your life?


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Warning: Do not remove form Invisible region.

by Tazim.