My mind is a reservoir of joy and energy. The joy in my mind will wash away the disease from my body.

I won't view my relationships through rose-tinted glasses. All my relationships will be grounded in reality.

For a peaceful, prosperous and trouble-free life I will regularly donate to charity.

I have to express my own beliefs.
I am learning how to express myself clearly and concisely.

Collective charity brings unbounded well being.
I will donate regularly to my charity bank.

Whatever I think will come true. My noble thoughts will help me create a noble life.

Debt is like cancer. It silently destroys a person from within. I will always be free of debt.

I have the confidence that I can win over any opponent. So I will never shut the door of communication with them.

Day by day I am becoming more confident and courageous.

I won't even open, let alone read other people's letters, diaries or SMSs without permission.

I will never trust a liar. I will avoid all transactions with him.

To know how my body will be tomorrow I will pay attention to my thoughts today.

I know that no matter what my condition is, there is someone who is worse off. I will always be thankful.

I always speak with a smile. No matter what the other person says, I stay proactive.

Common people seek happiness in the satisfaction of physical desires. Intellectuals seek it in knowledge and the enlightened seeks it in spiritual pursuit. I will follow the way of the enlightened.

My heart feels deeply, my brain grasps all intricacies, my will is indomitable. I will be the winner.

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. I will use my imagination creatively to solve my problems and reach my goals.

Crying is a natural process for relieving sadness and depression. At the appropriate time and place I will let myself cry.

Whenever I get the chance I will practice walking pranayama. As I walk I will take fewer steps to inhale than I do to exhale.

I am free from self-destructive shyness and inhibition. I have confidence in myself. So others have confidence in me too.

I will speak the truth without fear but with compassion.

With faith, love and compassion I am turning my marriage into a blessing.

I will think before every step. Every wise step will create a new foundation for my advancement.

An idiot mistakes an enemy for a friend and a friend for an enemy. I will wisely distinguish between enemies and friends.

Magnetized water is the queen of all drinks. I will drink magnetized water regularly.

I am practicing monchhobi (goal visualization), praying and donating to achieve the desired results. My results will be excellent.

Success is not a destination but a continuous journey from one destination to the next. I am enjoying the journey.

Discipline is the way to break chains. I will always be disciplined.

Fools repeat the same mistake again and again. Intelligent people learn from their first mistake. I will follow the path of the intelligent.

Extravagance brings downfall. I will always be economical.

I will not get carried away with my attraction for the opposite sex. I will interact with the opposite sex with dignity and decency.

The state of the mind is always influenced by the state of the body. So I will practice Quantum Yoga regularly.

My health can be measured not by the size of my muscles but by the level of my energy. My energy level is increasing day by day.

I am proactive. I will accomplish everything in a timely and planned way following the guidance of my wisdom.

Before I change the world I will change myself in the light of my beliefs and ideals.

I will listen to all points of view and consider both sides of the argument. This is the way of the exceptional.

My brain and nervous system will always be tranquil, alert and alive. I will live long, happy and strong. I will develop my wisdom and intuition. I will realize my infinite potential fully. I will be truly enlightened.

I can and I will. Courage, enthusiasm and skill
will help my dreams fulfill.
All my actions will express my universal goodwill.

Honesty and integrity are the foundation of inner security. I will always be honest with myself.

I openly appreciate my husband/wife's good qualities. I value his/ her contribution to the family.

In all worship or prayer I will seek God with mind, body and soul. My whole being will be surrendered to God.

I do not waste time taking unnecessary preparation for work. I just start the work.

Discipline, mindfulness and wisdom lead to bliss. I will follow this way of the sages.

I have done my best to prepare well for this exam. I have learnt everything thoroughly. I will certainly excel.

I pray with complete devotion. Every prayer brings rapture and
reveals God's grace in new ways. Every desire turns to reality.

I read good books. So I have the knowledge and information to assess any situation and make the correct decision.

I will use stairs or elevators as quietly as possible.

I am learning to accept compliments and criticism with equal ease.

I know it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Instead of protesting an injustice I will use my strength to prevent it from occurring again.

In any crisis or emergency, I will generate the Quanta sound silently or aloud (say the Quanta sound in your mind ...) or do the Quanta sign (do the Quanta sign with your hands). As soon as I make the Quanta sound or sign I will connect to the universal consciousness. I will be able to use my mental and physical abilities fully for the benefit of myself and others. I shall make the best decision in light of the situation.

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Monday, 4 July 2011 (All day)

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by Tazim.