Age does not bring aches and pains, diseases and ailments do. I am free of disease. I will be youthful and exuberant at all age.

A tourist takes his own environment wherever he goes, a traveler learns from his surroundings. I am a traveler- not a tourist.

Real strength is born in deep silence. In silence the healing process becomes more potent and powerful. I will attain health and wellbeing by observing silence regularly.

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper- this is the rule of healthy eating. Following this rule is keeping me healthy.

Fear keeps us in bondage. I will awaken my inner power and conquer my fear. Victory is mine.

I will start my life from the ground zero of the present.
The correct strategy will help me transform
every shortcoming into an asset.

Consumerism gives birth to stress.
I will refrain from unnecessary shopping.

I know self-control gives birth to self-respect. I will have complete control over myself.

If I don't nurture goodness, evil will occupy me. I will always occupy myself with good thoughts.

The mind is the best doctor and the body the best pharmacy. It creates the exact amount of medicine it needs. And this medicine does not have any side effects. I will use this power of my mind to attain good health.

He who laughs often lives well. I will laugh and make others laugh.

I never answer a question addressed to someone else without permission.

I am learning to say 'no' to any unwanted desire. I will never succumb to temptation.

Extremism brings downfall. I will follow the middle path in everything.

Prayer is never answered unless it is accompanied by action. I will pray and act simultaneously.

I will meditate and seek knowledge. I will attain wisdom and intuition. My knowledge and wisdom will be reflected in everything I do.

As a student I will never jeopardize my own success in trying to help others. I will be better able to help when I am successful.

I will always seek the advice of experts and well wishers in matters I do not know.

I need people's support to achieve my noble goals. Love and compassion is helping me gain their support.

To resolve any misunderstanding I will always talk directly to the concerned person.

I am feeling sleepy. I will sleep for five minutes.
Then I will begin my work with zest and enthusiasm.
I am falling asleep now.
I will wake up automatically after five minutes.
I will finish the rest of the day's work with
zest and enthusiasm.

I will never make a joke at someone else's expense. I will treat everyone with dignity and respect.

I will take steps to acquire practical knowledge in addition to theoretical knowledge.

Prayer and meditation will lead me in the right direction. Surely I will achieve my goal.

I will always eat attentively with gratitude to the Lord. Eating will turn into worship and become the source of health and vitality.

I will pay employee wages as soon as the work is done.

I will start everyday in a planned way. This will bring a nice rhythm to the rest of the day.

Pettiness is demeaning. My mind is as broad as the sky.

When I am taking a shower or a bath, I will keep the temperature of the water cooler than my body temperature. This will strengthen my immune system.

I will identify the faults in my behavior everyday. Good behavior will become a habit.

I am courteous to all guests, irrespective of their rank or status.

We are a great nation. By developing our talents and abilities we are becoming the greatest nation on earth. We will lead the world in serving everyone irrespective of religion, caste or creed.

Lord, I am your slave. Your wish is my wish.
Let my life reflect your wishes only.

I accept the rain to see the rainbow. For me the rain itself is a source of joy.

Nothing has the power to perturb me. I am always in peace.

I will follow the principles of healthy eating and finish my meals while I am still a little hungry. I will be healthy.

I am completely faithful to my spouse. With respect, love and affection I am making his/ her life blissful.

Whoever was born must die. Even in the face of death my faith will be unshakable.

I can and I will. Courage, enthusiasm and skill
will help my dreams fulfill.
All my actions will express my universal goodwill.

I will refrain from gossiping and backbiting at the dining table.

Goodwill towards all is the true essence of all religion. I am religious, so I have goodwill for all.

Knowledge is meaningless unless it is used for the good. I will utilize my knowledge in a meaningful way.

Daydreaming is the loafer's escape. 'Impossible' is the coward's excuse. I will take practical steps to make the seemingly impossible possible.

I will take my time to evaluate something before I believe in it. But once I am decided my belief will be total.

I respect uniqueness and originality and know that I myself have the power to do something extraordinary. I will be truly unique.

One by one I am washing away all toxic emotions out of my system. My heart and soul will glow with the light of truth.

Excellence is rewarded in all ages and places. I am striving for excellence.

Success is not an isolated achievement. Success is a mental state where the combination of faith and ability makes everything possible. I will proceed on the path of success.

Prayer is a power and a process that brings good fortune. I will be mindful in my prayer.

I am embracing eternal truths with a modern flavor in my life. My life will be fulfilling.

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Monday, 4 July 2011 (All day)

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by Tazim.