I will only choose someone with similar values and ideals as my friend or life partner.

The higher the rise, the bigger the fall. The more successful
I become, the more careful I will be about mistakes.

I will not get carried away with my attraction for the opposite sex. I will interact with the opposite sex with dignity and decency.

A tranquil mind is a good healer. I will keep my mind calm and tranquil and my body will follow.

Whenever I get the chance I will drink coconut juice or lemon water.

Some relationships can never be cut off. In all such relationships, instead of putting up walls of resentment I will build bridges of understanding.

If I can't control my anger, I will be the loser. I will curb my anger and be the winner.

Proactive people make calm and practical decisions aligned with their values under all circumstances. I will always be proactive.

No one is successful at birth. We reach the height of success step by step. When I take the first step it will lead me to the next.

Togetherness transforms strength into super strength. I am together with those on the right path. Success will be mine.

My religion teaches good behavior. Good behavior is my fragrance.

Day by day I am becoming more confident and courageous.

I will always be wary of people who want to use me for their own gain.

By nurturing the right attitude I am gaining more health, happiness and success every day.

I am successfully balancing my work and family life.

I will always be with the sangha (association of good people). Together our talent will blossom fully.

I will think and speak only of constructive matters.
This positive outlook will transform my world completely.

I will be involved with charities. They will help me expand my network and open the door to new opportunities.

I come to office on time and leave after my boss leaves. My advancement is guaranteed.

Success is not Aladdin's lamp. It is a process. I will follow the process.

I will always have a balanced diet. Healthy eating habits will help me gain a long, healthy life.

I will break free of my current harmful comfort zone to
reach new horizons of achievement.

Success starts in our minds. My mind is ready to accept success. I will be successful.

Pettiness is demeaning. My mind is as broad as the sky.

Patience is wisdom's companion. I am becoming a storehouse of patience.

The difference between being unable to act and delaying is that the first is the result of being controlled by circumstances and the second by whims. I will be free of both.

As God's representative on earth I will do something to nurture His creation today.

Whenever I cannot or will not do something, I will politely say 'no' in the very beginning.

A good follower makes a good leader. I am a good follower, and I will be a great leader.

Not our social mask, but our inner strength indicates our true personality. I am developing an attractive personality.

My life has a noble mission. Every day I am getting one step closer to fulfilling my mission.

I will pay employee wages as soon as the work is done.

Opportunities often knock very softly. I will always be alert so that I can hear the knock and seize the opportunity.

I have control over my appetite. I will resist the temptation to overeat. I will always eat in healthy amounts.

I will be the master of my mind so that I can say, 'Yes, it's my mind!'

Lord, I am your slave. Your wish is my wish.
Let my life reflect your wishes only.

Frustration and happiness are each others enemy. Frustration destroys happiness and happiness washes frustration away. I will embrace happiness.

A steady flame can rekindle others. Today I will help a friend whose flame is flickering.

I am courteous to all guests, irrespective of their rank or status.

If I can conceive, if I can believe, I can also achieve.

I will engage in healthy competition but never get jealous. I will congratulate my opponents on their victory in academics or sports.

Reading books may help me become a scholar, but to be enlightened I need introspection. I will engage in deep introspection each day.

I am completely faithful to my spouse. With respect, love and affection I am making his/ her life blissful.

I won't bring my work home or my home to work. I will leave professional concerns in the office and personal concerns at home. I will be happy and successful.

I will work not to satisfy my greed or lust but only to satisfy My Lord.

I will be kind towards my domestic staff. I will not torment them with harsh behavior or excessive work. God will reward me.

Other sciences are partial.
Only the science of living is complete.
It not only teaches us facts and information
but also shows us how to apply them in our lives.
I am practicing the science of living.

I try to understand. This is why I am understood.

I will take action against the problem confronting me and then I will turn to the Lord. Every problem will transform into a new possibility.

I will never insult anyone, even an enemy, in public.

Basic Computing Course


The purpose of Quantum Foundation’s Information and Technology Program, Quantech, is to serve people through technology. We are working to create a group of young people with world-class skills in Information and Communication Technology and the commitment to use that skill for universal well-being--a group of Technotiers poised to make their mark anywhere in the world. We have started this long journey with the simple step of introducing a 4-day basic computing program. More programs are in the pipeline.

What You Will Learn

  • Basics of ICT
    In the very first session, you will become familiar with various parts of computers and computing, including hardware, software, human ware, internet and networks. Stories and examples will make getting a basic idea about Information and Communication Technology easy and enjoyable.
  • Installing a Computer
    You will learn how to connect or install various pieces of hardware, such as keyboards, mouse, monitor, printer, webcam, system unit etc, to your computer. You will also learn how to connect to electricity supply and how to use UPS and voltage stabilizers.You will also learn how to use webcams, how to transfer data by using DVDs or pen drives, how to listen to music or watch movies using audio and video players.
  • Operating System
    You will learn the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System.The program will teach you how to compose, edit, format and print using word processing software MS Word.If you want to maintain records of your household income and expenditure using a computer, the spreadsheet program MS Excel you will learn in the program will help you do so. By learning how to use presentation software MS PowerPoint, you will be able to make attractive presentations for education, research or business purposes.
  • E-mail and Internet
    The program will teach you how to browse the internet; how to search successfully for specific information, books, music, or movies; and how to upload and download material. In addition, you will also learn how to send and receive e-mails, giving you the ability to communicate with someone on the other side of the world within seconds.

Upcoming Topics

Topics Held on
Quantech Sadakaion- Secured transaction with HTTPS 4 Apr 2014 - 5:00pm
Quantech Sadakaion- Processing in Mobile Network 28 Mar 2014 - 5:00pm
Quantech Sadakaion-RFID 14 Mar 2014 - 4:45pm


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