I need people's support to achieve my noble goals. Love and compassion is helping me gain their support.

I will walk as much as I can. Whenever possible I will walk to my destination.

I will notice my competitors' strengths not just their weaknesses.

Anxiety is an impurity of the mind. Through relaxation and right attitude I will make my mind pure and tranquil.

I have infinite possibilities. I am building a citadel of success from the ashes of my failure.

I will give my domestic staff the same quality food that I have.

I will transform my hatred and anger into universal love and express my love through service.

I do not take professional differences personally.

This life is mine. Its responsibility is also mine. Self reliance and punctuality will be the foundation of my success.

We will take family decisions based on mutual discussion.

Consumer loans start a vicious cycle of stress and anxiety.
I will never take loans to buy consumer goods.

I will do unto others what I want others to do unto me, and I will do it first.

My mind is a reservoir of joy and energy. The joy in my mind will wash away the disease from my body.

I will absorb the positive aspects of everyone and everything. I will achieve more and more everyday.

Health is not merely the absence of disease. Health is an internal feeling of well being which makes every moment joyful. I am attaining true health.

Blessed is the person who can see rainbows in thunderstorms. I am that blessed one.

I let the other person finish before I start talking.

To know how my body will be tomorrow I will pay attention to my thoughts today.

I sincerely wish the best for everyone. I listen to them attentively. As a result I need very few words to persuade them.

I give everyone the respect they deserve. In return I am respected too.

In choosing my future companion I will value character above beauty, education, wealth or family background. I will be happy.

Being in debt is degrading. I will be free of debt.

I respect my profession. In return I will get honor and respect as a professional.

As a host I am gracious and attentive. I see my guests to the door when they leave.

To deceive is a crime but to be deceived is also degrading. I will make sure that I am never deceived.

Monchhobi (vision) hits its target like a guided missile. My monchhobi will be my driving force.

Work keeps worries away. I am always busy in constructive work.

I am optimistic, appreciative, confident, active and open. Success will be mine.

Extremism in both good and bad things brings downfall. I will always practice moderation.

With love and attention one's work can turn into one's source of joy. My work will be the joy of my life.

God created man unto toil and trial.
I enjoy toil and trial. Success will be mine.

A 'me first' attitude turns life into a tiring burden. Empathy and service bring joy and vibrancy to life. I will choose the path of service.

Hatred is an expression of the weak man's ego. I am free from hatred.

When I visit someone I don't take too much of their time. I never cause inconvenience to them or hamper their work.

I will never trust a liar. I will avoid all transactions with him.

My career goal is big. But I will start my journey with a small step if I need to.

Instead of complaining about colleagues who are lacking in skill or experience, I will help them develop.

The past is already lost. The future is just a promise. Only the present is within my control. I am using it wisely.

I will meditate regularly. With each meditation my concentration
will be deeper, my meditative experience more profound.
My consciousness will transcend all barriers.
All beneficial desires for myself or mankind will come true.

I will work not just for my own comfort and luxury, but to serve others. I will be immortal.

I am feeling sleepy. But I need to stay fully alert and awake. As soon as I finish counting from 0 to 7 and open my eyes I will be completely alert and awake. I will stay awake, alert, lively and enthusiastic for the next … hours/ minutes and complete all my tasks.

Unnecessary phone conversations waste time and money. I will use the phone only when necessary. I will keep my phone off when I sleep at night.

I will celebrate my spiritual bonds every day, not only on special occasions.

Fear and anxiety are the shadow of the devil, and faith is the ray of God's light. I am reviving myself with the power of faith.

I always avoid the sort of relationships that are offensive to others.

Only fools repeat the same mistakes over and over again. I am intelligent. I am learning from my mistakes.

Soft drinks are harmful for the kidneys. I will refrain from drinking or serving soft drinks.

I will introduce myself to strangers on my own initiative.

After I use any tools and utensils I will put them back in their proper place.

When I speak to a patient I will say 'You will recover soon'. I will tell him about people who recovered quickly from the same disease.

Quantum Method

Quantum Method

Quantum Method is the science of well being. It starts with helping us change our attitude. The new attitude gives birth to new dendrites, i.e. new connecting paths between the neurons in our brain. The brain becomes active and vibrant. The new working structure of the brain gives birth to new thoughts, words and deeds. Anxiety dissolves in peace, disease in health and failure in success. We live long, healthy, active and strong.

Quantum Method Course

Gurujee's Picture The four-day Quantum Method Course is the best way to learn Quantum Method. Since it's beginning in 1993, its developer Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq has individually conducted more than 350 consecutive courses— an unprecedented event in the history of meditation practice.

Participants have come from all walks of life. 92 year old men and 12 year old children, artists and religious leaders, politicians and journalists, housewives and  professionals, celebrities and ordinary workers all benefit equally from the meditation techniques and life principles taught in this ground breaking course.

Some Quick Facts

  • What is meditation? Why should I meditate?

    Meditation is a state in which the mind detaches from all unnecessary thoughts to concentrate on a single theme and makes optimum use of the immense power of the brain. Scientists have discovered that when we are meditating, the frequency of our brain wave is between 8 and 13.9 cycles per second, which they call the Alpha Level. They have found that our brain works best when it is in this level.

    And this is the secret of genius. Genius is nothing supernatural; it is the ability to create the meditative level at will, and use it to do the right thing at the right time.

    It is the human mind that has given birth to all new thoughts, ideas, and discoveries that have taken civilization forward. New scientific truths have been discovered in the meditative state of mind. The creative use of the power of the human mind has given birth to new technology. All immortal literature, poetry and music have been born in silent moments. It is in this state of introspection that the ancient spiritual masters discovered the eternal and universal truths and enlightened humanity with that knowledge.

  • Why should I practice Quantum Method?

    Quantum Method is the Science of Living. It teaches us how to live our best life, how to do the least harm and the most good. It shows us how to fulfill the five basic needs of life: 1) Inner peace, 2) Health, 3) Success and prosperity 4) Happy family and 5) Salvation.
    If you practice the Quantum Method you will gain:

    Magnetic Personality:

    Say goodbye to stress, anxiety, restlessness, frustration, fear, anger, resentment, and depression. Have total mental peace, complete self reliance and magnetic personality.

    Good Health:

    Live a healthy long life by using the power of your mind to prevent and cure diseases.

    Success in Education:

    Achieve outstanding results by determining your aim in life, creating total concentration, using specific techniques to master lessons rapidly and getting rid of examination phobia.

    Success in Life:

    Attain success in career, wealth, power, fame and fortune by synchronizing the left and right hemispheres of the brain and using more of brain's capacity.

    Improved Relationships:

    Improve relationships in the family and the workplace, develop the ability to understand and help others.

    Goodbye to Bad Habits:

    Say goodbye to smoking, alcohol, drugs, substance abuse and other bad habits.

    ESP Power:

    Develop ESP power and wisdom i.e. the ability to take the right decision at the right time.

    Concentration in Prayer:

    Achieve greater concentration in any form of prayer or worship and progress spiritually.

  • How Can I learn Quantum Method ?

    The four day Quantum Method Course is held in Dhaka and the other major cities in Bangladesh on a regular basis. You are welcome to join any time. You can contact any of our branches for collecting the course form and other preparations. Before you join the course however, you can attend one of our several open and free programs such as Enlightenment Program (Alokaion) and Weekly Group Meditation (Sadakaion). If you don’t want to wait at all you can start practicing meditation at home right now! Read the Quantum Meditation Guide . Then download Easy Relaxation from this website. Let Gurujee Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq’s voice guide you through the different steps.

  • Is there any conflict between any religion and Quantum Method?

    No there is no conflict between Quantum Method and any religion. People belonging to all religions have participated in the Quantum Method Course and they have all agreed that there is no conflict between Quantum Method and religion. In fact Quantum Method will help you practice your religion with more sincerity and devotion. For example, all the alems ( Islamic scholars) who participated in the course remarked that although they had always known that hudril kalb or single minded devotion is absolutely essential for salat( Islamic prayer), they had never been able to attain it before. But since taking the course, they have been able to pray with single-minded devotion. Whatever your religion, your prayer or worship will definitely take a different dimension once learn to meditate.
    However, meditation is not only for the religious. Whatever your belief or philosophy, meditation will help you attain peace, health or success, and help you

  • Is it possible to learn the whole thing in just 4 days?

    Yes it is. Thousands of people have proved it possible in the last 18 years. The course is simple, easy and effective. The course teacher explains the context of each meditation or technique in a lively discussion, presenting research findings, historical facts, stories, anecdotes, jokes and metaphors. The teacher’s powerful meditative vibration helps the participants reach the Alpha Level with ease. The Quantum Consciousness Zone is created. Knowledge and realizations are then transmitted not only through words but from mind to mind. The participants themselves are amazed at the ease and simplicity of the process and the depth of their meditations from the very beginning.

Quantum Orientation

If you want to know more about Quantum Method you can organize a Quantum Orientation Program in your office, home or anywhere else convenient for you. The session may last between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your wishes. All you need to do is inform us. Please contact: quantum.shova@quantummethod.org.bd Read Details


Celebrities in Quantum

The list of Quantum Graduate celebrities include some of the leading actors, sportsmen, artists and other media personalities of the country. Like other Quantum Graduates, they too regard the course as a turning point in their lives.
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