I will affirm happy outcomes at the beginning of the day and
things will turn out to be so.

I will respect and protect people's privacy.

I always keep myself busy and I am happy because I have no time to worry.

I am always optimistic about the prospect of employment. If necessary, I will change my job search process and come up with a different plan.

The mind is the best doctor and the body the best pharmacy. It creates the exact amount of medicine it needs. And this medicine does not have any side effects. I will use this power of my mind to attain good health.

I will listen to the speakers attentively. I will not make any comment or ask any question in the middle of a speech.

I will pay employee wages as soon as the work is done.

The course of history has always been charted by a creative, determined and organized minority. I will be a part of that minority.

I will be as attentive to my family as I am to my guests.

I will not wait for help. I will start from where I am with what I have.

One small change in attitude can help me chart a new course in life. I am ready for this change.

Leadership is the ability to take necessary action without waiting for someone else's suggestion. I have the capability to lead. Whenever in need I will lead.

Each day I will spend some time in service of deprived humanity. In return my life will be enriched.

Accepting undue favors may cost me a high price in the future. I will be very careful about accepting favors.

The best of all good deeds is one that is done regularly. I will do something good regularly.

Submission to God brings enlightenment. I have submitted to Him. He will be my source of strength and guidance.

I will emphasize my husband/wife's strengths. This will inspire him/her to overcome his/ her weaknesses.

My heart feels deeply, my brain grasps all intricacies, my will is indomitable. I will be the winner.

I always cherish good memories, but I live for today. I am utilizing every moment to create good memories for the future.

I am free from all doubts and uncertainties. I will enjoy my life fully.

A healthy body and a lively mind are the greatest assets one can have. I am trying my best to maintain a healthy body and mind.

There is no fire like lust and no crime like hatred. I will be free of them both. And this is the way of the enlightened.

My work energizes me. The more I work the more energy I have.

I wish the best for everyone. I give priority to others' needs.

I will seek advice from experts and well wishers before I begin a work.

I will find out where my talent lies. I will use my talent boldly and intelligently to reach the pinnacle of success.

Every day I will read something that will help me progress.

I will sever all mental connections with those who indulge in jealousy and backbiting. My peace of mind will be intact.

I am learning to say 'no' to any unwanted desire. I will never succumb to temptation.

I am honest and fair in all my dealings.

I will learn to be self reliant from student life. I will make an effort to earn my own pocket money.

I will follow someone's good example but never imitate them.

Crying is a natural process for relieving sadness and depression. At the appropriate time and place I will let myself cry.

Inquisitive people make inspiring speakers. I am nurturing my desire to know more and more.

The difference between a proactive and reactive
attitude is clear. I am proactive.

Frustration and happiness are each others enemy. Frustration destroys happiness and happiness washes frustration away. I will embrace happiness.

I sincerely wish the best for everyone. I listen to them attentively. As a result I need very few words to persuade them.

I can never give something I don't have.
I will first attain peace, health and success myself.

I always avoid the sort of relationships that are offensive to others.

I have the confidence that I can win over any opponent. So I will never shut the door of communication with them.

I am learning the art of collective action. Other people's strengths will help overcome my weaknesses.

Extremism brings downfall. I will follow the middle path in everything.

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. I will use my imagination creatively to solve my problems and reach my goals.

Prosperity is my birthright. I will be prosperous.

Nothing great can be achieved alone. I will develop my organizing capacity through group activities.

I will say 'no' to cigarettes, soft drinks, energy drinks and drugs.

True love is the life force of all relationships. Love does not judge, but tries to understand; does not impose, but shares. I will be truly loving.

I will translate my talent into service. The joy of work will transform every achievement into an asset.

My workload is increasing- I am learning to prioritize.

I am aware of the infinite potential of my brain. I will use my brain more and more.


Set in the beautiful hilly areas in the eastern part of Bangladesh, Quantumom is a nourishing blend of unspoiled nature and modern comfort that will soothe your mind, body and soul in an instant. If you want to leave behind the stress and anxiety of modern life and step into a different world for a while, Quantumom is the right destination for you.

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Quantumom comes from Quantum momota. The bangla word momota means loving care and affection. Quantumom is at the heart of Quantum’s effort to build a compassionate community, where the basic necessities of each individual will be met, where each person’s right to fulfill their God-given potential will be safeguarded: regardless of their race, religion, caste or creed. Hence the name.

Quatumom provides the opportunity to restore balance in our lives by escaping the stressful urban life and engage in spiritual pursuit in the midst of captivating natural surroundings.
At the same time, Quantumom provides an opportunity to serve the local indigenous communities who have been deprived for centuries, to bring them quality education and help them become enlightened human beings.

Warning: Do not remove form Invisible region.

by Tazim.