My mission is more important than momentary pleasures. I will keep my impulses under control and stay true to my goal.

I have the creativity and courage to face any problem. My creativity and courage will help transform every problem into a new possibility.

Character is the sum of attitude and behavior.
I will be proactive in both respects.

One by one I am washing away all toxic emotions out of my system. My heart and soul will glow with the light of truth.

My work energizes me. The more I work the more energy I have.

Not looks or background, but skill and expertise will be the foundation of my professional advancement.

Live long, happy, strong. Stay young.

I love my children unconditionally. I am devoting ample time and attention to nourish their hearts and minds.

I will speak words of solace to anyone in pain. I will help ease their pain.

Today I will feel exhilarated by the lessons I learn from nature.

I am sinking into a deep and peaceful sleep. I will wake up exactly at… am/pm. I will dive into the day's work with zest and enthusiasm.

I will stay away from gossip, backbiting, arguments and controversies in social gatherings.

I help my family in house work. I sense everyone's needs and take steps to fulfill them.

I am embracing eternal truths with a modern flavor in my life. My life will be fulfilling.

With proper time and work management my life will flow like a spring. This will be the foundation of my advancement.

I will always be with the sangha (association of good people). Together our talent will blossom fully.

Gratitude is an expression of faith and humility. By expressing
sincere gratitude I am strengthening my faith.

I live everyday as if it were the last day of my life.

I am on the right path. Day by day my inner self is becoming more tranquil and enlightened.

I am practical and proactive. From the ashes of my failure I will seek out the gold of new possibilities.

I will accept every good thing in its entirety. Only then will I be able to learn everything it has to teach.

I am responsible for my own health. I am doing everything I can to keep myself healthy and fit.

I am a student. I am a seeker of truth. I was born to do something great. I will meditate regularly. I will concentrate on my studies, follow my routine and use my time and talent in a worthwhile way. Success will be mine.

If my conscience is clear no scandal can defile me. I will always be faithful to my conscience.

My health can be measured not by the size of my muscles but by the level of my energy. My energy level is increasing day by day.

No one else is exactly like me. I am unique. Today I will celebrate this feeling of uniqueness.

A steady flame can rekindle others. Today I will help a friend whose flame is flickering.

Each day I will spend some time in service of deprived humanity. In return my life will be enriched.

It takes time for a seed to grow into a tree and bear fruit. I will devote time and labor to realize my monchhobi (vision)

I will always live in the present and make it a habit to utilize every moment.

I will discover my talents and nurture them.
I have the courage to nourish my talents.

I will meditate and seek knowledge. I will attain wisdom and intuition. My knowledge and wisdom will be reflected in everything I do.

I will never indulge in idleness and procrastination. I will never leave for tomorrow what I can do today.

Only fools wait for others' help. I am smart. I will start with what I have.

I will always greet others with a smile. I will address everyone with proper respect.

I know my purpose in life. This knowledge is helping me develop in the right way.

I will cut my coat according to my cloth. I will always avoid debt.

I will always be immersed in good work. My work will be my source of joy.

For healthy and sparkling eyes I will splash warm and cool water on my eyes alternatively after I get up in the morning and before I go to bed at night.

Arrogance brings downfall. I will always be humble and modest.

Prayer is a power and a process that brings good fortune. I will be mindful in my prayer.

I will pay employee wages as soon as the work is done.

I am my own mirror. I see myself not as others see me, but as I see myself. I am never bothered by how others perceive me.

I will follow someone's good example but never imitate them.

I am aligning myself to God's will. My salvation is guaranteed.

I am keeping my eyes, ears, and mind open all the time, so that I can learn something new each day.

I will respect and protect people's privacy.

True faith is the foundation of all achievement. Faith develops talents, utilizes capacity and builds expertise. My faith is true.

My disease is a small isolated island in an ocean of health. There is no disease from which no one has ever recovered. I will also recover.

If I do not know something I will learn about it from someone who does without any hesitation.


Set in the beautiful hilly areas in the eastern part of Bangladesh, Quantumom is a nourishing blend of unspoiled nature and modern comfort that will soothe your mind, body and soul in an instant. If you want to leave behind the stress and anxiety of modern life and step into a different world for a while, Quantumom is the right destination for you.

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Quantumom comes from Quantum momota. The bangla word momota means loving care and affection. Quantumom is at the heart of Quantum’s effort to build a compassionate community, where the basic necessities of each individual will be met, where each person’s right to fulfill their God-given potential will be safeguarded: regardless of their race, religion, caste or creed. Hence the name.

Quatumom provides the opportunity to restore balance in our lives by escaping the stressful urban life and engage in spiritual pursuit in the midst of captivating natural surroundings.
At the same time, Quantumom provides an opportunity to serve the local indigenous communities who have been deprived for centuries, to bring them quality education and help them become enlightened human beings.

Warning: Do not remove form Invisible region.

by Tazim.